What to Expect

What to expect when scheduling your first appointment:

Calling to schedule a session for the first time can be nerve wracking. Our goal when scheduling a first appointment is to get an understanding of what concern is prompting your call in order to determine which psychologist is likely to be the best match for you.

We will also collect your insurance information along with your date of birth so that we can verify your benefits. It is really important that you also call your insurance company to verify your outpatient “mental health” or “behavioral health” benefits in order to know whether you have a deductible, what your copayment will be and how many sessions you and your psychologist have to work with. Occasionally benefits are quoted in discrepant ways by insurance companies. If we call and get the same information you get when you call, we can be relatively certain we have accurate information.

Ali, Deb and Sandi are available to help schedule new appointments from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. Sometimes they are on the phone with another client and will not always be able to answer your call immediately. If you do not reach someone directly, please leave a message and your call will be returned shortly.

What to expect when attending your first appointment:

Parking is free and easily found in the lot behind our building. Please make yourself comfortable in the waiting room when you arrive. Your psychologist may have a session with another client before you, but will be with you promptly. If you forgot to bring the paperwork we e-mailed, you will find some clipboards on the wall in the waiting room with copies of everything we sent.

The first session is a bit more structured (usually) than the sessions that will follow. Your psychologist will be working to understand the concerns that are bringing you to therapy as well as information about your life. We are all affected by our past and present. The better your psychologist understands you, the better he or she can help you find the solutions you are searching for. If there is information your psychologist hasn’t asked about, but that would be helpful to know, please speak up!

What to expect during ongoing therapy:

The therapy process is goal oriented, but often hard to predict. You and your psychologist will begin to develop a rhythm for discussing problems, deepening understanding of patterns in your life, and forging new approaches to difficult situations. Therapy requires active work in session and practice outside of session in order to be most effective. It also requires trust and honest exploration. Match between psychologist and client is vital. You should have sense of whether you connect, trust, and can open up to your psychologist by the third session.

If you don’t feel like your psychologist is a good match for you, please speak up. Sometimes the problem can be addressed in session with a few adjustments. Other times it is better to change psychologists. That’s okay. Finding the right psychologist is like finding a pair of jeans. Some brands fit you perfectly, while others are just not quite comfortable. We understand this and your psychologist will not take it personally.